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Need For Speed (NFS) UNDERCOVER RIP Full Free Download

Game Need for Speed​​: Undercover is a game that genre Street Racing, the latest NFS game series is a lot of changes happening in terms of whether it lingkungnnya graphics, as well as car series looks at the paint, design, and shape etc which makes the car look authentic. The mission of this game you are driven by a character in a story that sends players into an underground crime syndicate, using the driving skills to gain confidence by doing the job and became king of the streets in Tri-City Bay. Many driving actions occurring throughout the United States highway south. The streets to fill with traffic generated randomly and several police cars that are controlled by computers that work together to hunt down rogue. Other game modes allow players to take the role of the suspect to escape or sebagia police chased the criminals.

The 2008 release in Electronic Arts' high-mileage road-racing series, Need for Speed: Undercover is built on a revamped game engine with a dual focus: realistic sports car physics and accessible, empowering controls. Hundreds of components and systems are individually modeled on each automobile, for realistic acceleration, suspension, weight displacement, and handling, in any car and under any circumstance. The game features dozens of automobiles from the world's leading manufacturers, as well as real-life aftermarket parts, paint, vinyl, and other customizations.

The "Heroic Driving Engine" introduced in Need for Speed: Undercover aims to harness the game's realistic physics by condensing difficult, dangerous driving maneuvers into simple, button-press controls. Players perform 180s, 360s, burnouts, and instant reversals with the tap of a few buttons, and a fixed camera angle makes it easier to follow the action through spins and quick turns. It does not take stunt driver skills to drive like a stunt driver in Need for Speed. It still requires a stunt driver's spirit, however, with imaginative routes and daring maneuvers well rewarded, and a complete wipeout always one wrong turn away.

Undercover's single-player campaign is driven by a story that sends the player's character deep into an underground crime syndicate, using his driving skills to gain trust by performing jobs and wining street races around Tri-City Bay, the game's fictional, open-world setting. Much of the driving action takes place across wide, southern U.S. highways. The roads can fill up with randomly generated traffic and multiple, computer-controlled cop cars that work together to chase down crooks. Other game modes allow players to take the role of the fleeing suspect or the pursuing police in one-off levels and challenges. As many as eight players can go Undercover together online.


-Authentically modeled automobiles designed to drive like their real-life counterparts
-Plays as the cop and chase down criminals; Plays as the criminal and make your escape!
-Perform dangerous, difficult driving maneuvers with easy, button-combo controls

Trailer For Need For Speed UnderCover :



Windows XP/Vista
Pentium 4 3.0GHz Processor
6GB Hard Disk Space
DirectX 9.0c
128MB Nvidia GeForce 6600/ATI Radeon 9500 Video Card
DirectX 9.0c Compatible Sound Card
8X DVD-ROM Drive

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Total File Size 1GB

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  4. Getting some chop in the audio, and some long load times in splash screen. But im blown away with how nice it is to play and graphics are.


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