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Free Download Virtual Villager 5 PC Full Version Games

Virtual Villager 5
Virtual Villager is a strategy game Tycoon Who tells the story of rural life on a remote island full of peace, this time is a virtual games Villager 5.
As these games output last day of work before, Virtual Villagers 5 this requires us to assist the island residents who find a new living place that is still dominated by the primitive inhabitants. What's interesting about this game is the way in order to complete the game with 16 puzzles to solve and a bonus puzzle that has been programmed.

Virtual Villager 5
In the fifth version of this puzzle is quite simple, unlike the previous versions (3 & 4) which makes me frustrated ngotak fiddle with my computer up to date change to the year 2012 .. (dies). The mission of this puzzle mostly to destroy some of the totem worshiped by primitive people to want to abandon their faith, and moved to the trust of our population.

Virtual Villager

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