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The Sims 3
Buy original DVD The Sims 3 - On April 8, 2012 we received a dmca complaint about the copyright free download games the sims 3. I am very grateful to those who have expressed a complaint and we appreciate your work. so with this we write here, and "expressed apologized profusely," we will not publish the article, and delete it.

I have no reason to maintain the error, in that case I'm wrong, my goal is only to help those who want to try to play the sims 3 and then people are interested to buy the original game.

so from here once again I apologize to all those who feel aggrieved by the article, and to all those who feel let down, I never intend to do an evil, I just try to share, but no ivory that is not fault. I realized that what was good for us is not necessarily good for others, and what is bad for us is not necessarily bad for others.

For those of you who want to play the game the sims 3, we advise please buy the original game the sims 3, for something that you enjoy and entertain you that the price is not expensive, any price if you are pleased and happy I think the price is not a problem. :)

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Thanks For Your Attention .

Smile is the shortest distance between two people. :)

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  1. @fahmi satio. your password is incorrect.

  2. How to add and install expansion pack?Help me Iizzy,email: Thank you

  3. @flyanca..tq im also busy playng with it..having triplet babies..:)

  4. okay thanks a lot...its work and im playing now :D

  5. how to download
    it says download homepage.....but where is the game
    please help me out
    please send the link and answer to me

  6. i can't download the sims 3 :S it says download homepage pls i need ur reply

  7. Thanks ,I've downloaded using amazon gift coupon. and now I'm playing the sims 3 :X

  8. plzzzz tell me where to download dis game for free....;-(

    1. Yup the sims 3 complete download link , visit here : :)


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