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Free Download Dora The Explorer Lost And Found Adventure PC Games Full Version

Dora Lost And Found Adventure Free Games Download-Dora the Explorer is a series of animated children's television from the United States cable television network owned by Nickelodeon. Trial episode aired in 1999 and became a regular series beginning in 2000. The series is created by Chris Gifford, Valerie Walsh and Eric Weiner.

Dora, the main character of this series, was a little girl who is kind and fun to explore. He is always accompanied by Boots, a monkey. They both ventured out to help a friend or find something they need. Exploration direction they are usually guided by a map that is currently not in use stored in Dora's backpack. In addition to maps, in the Dora backpack also contained a variety of objects that are needed in their exploration. Along the way they will be assisted by several friends who would help, like Dora's family and relatives, as well as animals, plants, or other objects that could speak. The only thing that often hinder their journey is Swiper, a fox. He likes to steal things that are needed in transit.

In exploration, Dora invites the audience a lot to "participate" to help her, like taking the kids are into Dora the audience to answer questions, help calculate, choose the path or the things they need from several alternative options, looking for hidden objects, or to warn when Swiper approached. Continued involvement with the emergence of an arrow pointer resembles a computer mouse, so the audience could almost make a choice or designate something.

In ahir trip, when their purpose has been achieved, Dora usually by singing songs celebrating success. Dora will also ask the audience which part of the journey is most preferred.

Caitlin Sanchez, the voice of "Dora the Explorer", has filed a lawsuit against Nickledeon millions of dollars. Caitlin admitted he did not receive a share of income as promised from "Dora the Explorer".

"Caitlin went around the U.S. to promote the Dora Brand. He did a hundred performances a personal interview ... The defendants never compensate for a job promotion," said a tunutan as thick as 35 pages.

Caitlin was recently sacked as the star of the animated program. "Caitlin's voice changed and he no longer be able to describe the character Dora, as happened in the original actress performer role," said haringan media in a statement.

14-year-old artist who was also admitted to the program contracted with him and his parents signed two years ago under intense pressure and without advice from a lawyer. According to the statement, "(They) were forced to sign the Initial Contract Nickledeon, a complicated and convoluted as thick as 14 pages, in less than 20 minutes".

In reaction to these demands, stating Nickledeon statement made ​​without foundation. "Caitlin Contracts negotiated in great detail through his agent and in line with his desire," the network said in a statement the same. "He's got a good compensation for his work and his personal appearance."

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