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Free Download Monopoly Game 3D And Monopoly Spongebob Squrepants Edition Full Version Games

Monopoly Game 3D And Monopoly Spongebob Squrepants Edition  -  Monopoly is one of the most famous board game in the world. The purpose of this game is to master all the plots on the board through the purchase, lease and exchange properties in a simplified economic system.

Each player in turn throws the dice to move their pawn, and when he landed in the plots that have not owned by another player, he can buy a plot that fit the price listed. If the plot had been bought another player, he must pay the player the amount of rent has also been established.

Monopoly board game the first time is a real estate-themed game. Initially referred to as the landlord's Game (the game is the landlord) made by Lizzie Magie from Virginia and patented in 1904.

In this game, players are renting property, paying the cost of care and avoid the "jail" when they move on the game board.

But then a little deviated from the plan originally, people prefer to play this game as financial competition to get the most amount of money on the game. Then began popping up new creations in accordance with the wishes of the players.

In early 1930, Charles Darrow of Germantown, Pennsylvania to play a game at a friend's house. As unemployment in the great depression that hit the United States, he really understands the dream of financial success.

He made a game with his own version based on the favorite resort of Atlantic City. Darrow made a variety of innovations to the game with a model in a circular game board fabric.

Development of the game Monopoly

Not long after not only Darrow friends who play this game but the store near Philadelphia asked for a copy of the game Darrow. Furthermore, Darrow began to make them at home and sell it for $ 4.

In 1934, Darrow was not able to handle themselves permitaan coming. He then wrote to Parker Brothers and asked about the possibility to buy and handle the Monopoly game that was already patented. Parker Brother reject it for various reasons. But after learning the sale of this game on Christmas Day 1934, Parker Brothers changed his mind. They then bought the rights and give Darrow royalties for each game board is sold. Charles Darrow retired a year later as a millionaire.


Before Monopoly existing similar games, among which are the landlord's Game created by Elizabeth Magie to make people understand how landlords enrich themselves and make poor tenants. Magie introduce this game in 1904.

Although the game is patented, no manufacturers who produce it widely until 1910 by the Economic Game Company of New York. In Great Britain the game was published in 1913 by the Newbie Game Company of London under the name Brer Fox an 'Brer Rabbit.

In addition to the sales, the game also spread by word of mouth and local variations are also beginning to develop. One is called Auction Monopoly or later shortened to Monopoly.

The game was later studied by Charles Darrow and patented and sold by it to Parker Brothers as his own invention. Parker began producing this game extensively on November 5, 1935.


To play Monopoly, it takes these tools:

Pawns to represent players. In the Monopoly box provided ten pieces of caps, ironing, dog, war ships, cars, carts, glass, cannons, horses and shoes.
Two six-sided dice.

Proprietary cards for each property. These cards are given to players who purchase the property. On top of the card listed property prices, rents, mortgage rates, home prices and hotels.

Board games with plots:

22 places, divided into 8 color groups with each of the two or three places. A player must master one group of colors before he can buy a house or hotel.

4 train stations. Players get a higher rent if he has more than one station. But on top of the station should not be built house or hotel.

2 companies, namely the electric company and water company. Players get a higher rent if he has both. Houses and hotels may not be built on the company.

Patches of the General Fund and Opportunity. The player who landed on top of this plot should take one card and run commands on it.

Monopoly fake money.

32 houses and 12 hotels of wood or plastic. The house usually has green, red hotel. Cards General Fund and Opportunity.

Monopoly Spongebob Squrepants Trailer



Windows ME/2000/XP
Pentium III 800MHz Processor
80MB Hard Disk Space
DirectX 9.0
32MB GeForce 2 3D Graphics Card


MAC OS X 10.3.9
G4 PowerPC or Intel 800MHz Processor
80GB Hard Disk Space
32MB GeForce 2 Video Card

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