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Free Download Angry Birds PC Full Version Games

Angry Bird Games  : is a themed puzzle game developed by Rovio Mobile ole. Inspired by sketches of birds without wings. The first game released for Apple in December 2009. Since then more than 12 million copies sold game of the Apple application store, which has been approved by the company to develop the new version HP smart phones, and Android

How to Play Angry Birds

In Angry Birds, players control a flock of colorful birds that tried to take the eggs were stolen by a nasty green pigs. At each level, the pigs are protected by structures made of various materials such as ice, wood, and stone. The goal of the game is to eliminate all the pigs in each level of the game.

Using a slingshot, launching the player to hit the bird with the intent of pigs directly or damaging a protected structure, the collapse of strutkur can kill a pig. In various stages of the game, additional items such as explosives and crates of stone found at several levels, and can be used in conjunction with the birds to destroy the pigs that are difficult to reach.

There are several species of birds used in the game. At the beginning, the red bird is the only one available. Each stage of the game, bird species will increase, some bird species are more effective against certain materials or have special abilities that are activated after the bird is launched.

For example, a blue bird can be split into three small birds, yellow birds that can increase the speed and destructive force, a black bird that could explode, and white birds that can drop a bomb egg, green bird that could even become a boomerang, and a large red bird yng bus destroy more structure. Pigs also appear in different sizes.

Small pigs are relatively weak and easily destroyed either by a direct hit or by debris from damaged buildings, larger pigs are able to defend themselves from a lot of damage. Also, several pigs wearing steel helmets, making them more resistant to damage the structure, while the pig with a crown can withstand the most damage.

Each level starts with the number, type, and the involvement of birds that have been determined. If all the pigs can be defeated at the last bird is used, the level is complete and open the next level. Points obtained for each pig was defeated as well as any damage to or destruction of structures, as well as bonus points which will be provided for each bird that is not used. After completing each level, players receive one, two, or three stars, depending on the value received. Players can re-try opening levels as much as they want in order to successfully complete or to gain extra points and / or additional stars.

Angry Birds at a glance

"Angry Birds Game for iPhone and Android have been downloaded or downloaded by more than 500 million times since the game was launched two years ago," says Developer Rovio

Angry Birds Game appreciated only worth 0.99 U.S. dollars. But there are certainly some of the downloaders are not making payments, we put about half of the estimated 500 million downloads of the payment.

Then the profit achieved by the provider of the game will be worth around 250 million U.S. dollars. While some analysts say that the amount spent to make this game is about 100,000 Euros, or about 137 690 U.S. dollars.

Rovio also claims that the game Angry Birds is one of the most downloaded games or download games in the world throughout history.

What's more Rovio Angry Birds also added that if the sum has been played over 200,000 years globally and if calculated per day of Angry Birds Game is played for 300 million minutes per day.

More than 266 billion level has been played, 400 billion times the bird is thrown and the Angry Birds collected 44 billion stars have been collected.

"For the future game Angry Birds will make improvements to make the application compatible with Nokia S40 Asha 300 and 303," said Rovio

Imagine the profit multiplied by the owner obtains this Angry Birds. Not to mention if it is added by the inclusion of their merchandise.

Angry Birds For Pc

Angry Birds game is pretty much also penggilanya, statistics from international games free games like Angry Birds has been downloaded 10 million times. This game was first launched just specially for mobile phone games are among other Android-based phones.

But after a few days ago at the announcement also been released for the PC Game Angry Birds. The first game is on sale at a price of $ 0.99 on amazon. But many who do not like the sales of this game Angry Birds. Angry Birds Game and finally it until now you can download it for free.

New Angry Birds game for PC was released on 22 March 2011. In the last month and a new game for your PC can be downloaded. Angry Birds To play this game on PC, you should see the minimum system on your PC.

Angry Birds Special edition

Angry Birds Seasons

Angry Birds Seasons was released on October 21, 2010 with a special episode titled Halloween Trick or Treat. After the episode, the Christmas special episode released as Season's Greedings. Then, for a special episode titled Valentine's Day Hogs and Kisses was released, then St. Patrick's Day special, entitled Go Green, Get Lucky, special Easter Eggs Easter bejudul, special holidays, Summer Pignic, Chinese moon cake festival special Mooncake Festival, Halloween in 2011 , Ham'o'ween, and the 2011 Christmas episode, Wreck the Halls.

Angry Birds Rio

On March 2011, Rovio Angry Birds Rio was released along with 20th Century Fox, as the producer of the film Rio. This game is a blend of Angry Birds with the film Rio. There, angry birds are met with his new friend - who is also the film's main character, Blu and his girlfriend, Jewel. The enemy in the game is not bad pig, but the monkeys are mischievous and ignorant, as well as film villain, Nigel. The location is exactly in the film and took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Angry Birds Magic

Rovio released the Angry Birds Magic, which is devoted to the NFC-active Symbian for Nokia C7.

Angry Birds Space

In February 2012, announced a new game Rovio Angry Angry Birds Birds by name Space. In the plan will be released on March 22, 2012.

Angry Birds Games Trailer :

Minimum system requirements :

OS Windows XP SP2
OpenGL 1.3 compatible graphics

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