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Free Download Limbo Full Version Games (70MB)

Limbo is a platform game created by developer Playdead in Copenhagen, Denmark, The game is entirely black and white. There is no map, no Hud, no words or descriptions. Released on July 21, 2010, first appeared on Xbox Live Arcade Summer of 2010.

The story in Limbo was never detailed in the game. The only written source of the story of this game can be found on the internet. In Limbo, a young boy lost in the woods. He is on a quest to try to find his lost brother. This is never stated in the game itself. There is no dialogue in the entire game and there is no text to advance the plot.

Limbo Games Review

LIMBO - A mini-game that is rated game (because of its size is only about 70MB) which is now booming in the world of the international game. This game got a 9 from Gamespot rating (one of the world's most popular gaming sites database). The game is puzzle-action genre and its 2D gameplay. This game tells the story of a boy trapped in a limbo world, a world between life and death. This kid has a mission to find the missing sister somewhere. The child must pass through various obstacles that impede its journey to find his sister. From the start barrier across the lake, staring into the abyss, to face the giant spider.

Setting this game is very tense as it consists of black and white world of limbo. Audio only child's footsteps and voices of various objects and living beings and the environment that must be passed. This game is quite challenging for those of you who like to solve puzzle-game. Due to the further adventures, the more difficult and complex puzzles to be solved. According to the reviews and forums I read, the ending of this game make gamers "hate", I also do not know why the gamers "disgusted" with the ending of this game (because I have not finished, XD). This game is definitely worth a try and is "highly-recommended" in my opinion.

Limbo Founder

 PlayDead Announced that Limbo has sold over one million copies worldwide. This game is already sold in 153 countries and translated into nine different languages.

Limbo was first released on Xbox Live in July 2010. Then the game is spreading its wings to the PlayStation 3 in July 2011, and also briefly released on Steam in August of 2011.

As a result of this remarkable achievement, PlayDead also plans to acquire a full company of the first investors in order to make this company truly independent.

"With the success achieved by Limbo, we think this is a good time to make our company become truly independent," says CEO of PlayDead, Dino Patti. "We thank you profusely to everyone who has supported us in recent years, our future and we look forward to working with new partners that will bring success and also provide the opportunity for our directors, Arnt Jensen, in order to get opportunity for more creative. " Add Patti.

Limbo can be owned by the player with the 1200 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live, USD 14.99 on the PlayStation Network, as well as USD 9.99 on Steam. PlayDead is currently working on two projects to the game, which is described as a game studio that is "more mad" than in Limbo.

Limbo Games Trailer :

System Requirements :

OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7
Processor: 2 GHz
Memory: 512MB
Hard Disk Space: 150MB
Video Card: 5 years or younger. Integrated graphics and very low budget cards may not work. Shader Model 3.0 required
DirectX ®: 9.0c

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