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Free Download Crazy Machines 2 Full Version Games

Crazy Machine is a puzzle game where players must complete over 200 issues on the machine that consists of pulleys, wheels, power tools, gear and more than 70 other devices.

Most scenarios can be solved using a lot of ways, allowing players to get creative with a lot of his own. Players should be able to figure out how to cook meat, grow flowers, pick up something even blow up the wall. I believe this game can increase our creativity.

Plunge into the world of amazing machines! Enjoy a fun new puzzle game Crazy Machines: Inventor Training Camp, where you can create your own funny Rube Goldberg device!

Use your imagination and creative talents and enjoy an interesting experiment! You can download free new exciting puzzle game Crazy Machines: Inventor Training Camp and play now! Be sure, this game will win the hearts of adults and children! Have fun!

Like to solve puzzles? Crazy Machines 2+ offers a unique gaming experience which can be enjoyed by players of all ages. Players are challenged to complete 20 mind bending tasks using the provided set of tools and components. This fully playable mini version features fluid simulation using NVIDIA® PhysX™ technology throughout the game.

Crazy Machines starts from a trip in the bazaars of Egypt to the white sands of the Caribbean, then blast into outer space. Play around with the ball and damaging lightning rods to weld Crazy Machines. Can you conquer over 200 elements in the brain puzzle? Catapult machine into high gear, and create a chain reaction using springs, gears, and other parts of the game is weird.

Features the following:

Over 70 Game Elements!
Addictive Fun!
Over 200 Challenges!
Multiple Solutions!
3D Graphics and Real Time Shadows
Puzzle game
Outstanding physics
Making Machine Ultimate

System Requirements:

Compatible with WinXP and Vista. For best enjoyment PhysX acceleration is required. NVIDIA® Geforce® 8, 9 and 200 Series are recommended. Please install the latest NVIDIA GeForce drivers which include the latest PhysX system software.

Crazy Machines II Trailer

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