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Free Download SimCity 3000 RIP Full Version Games

SimCity 3000 is a simulation game and make the city made ​​by Will Wright and was first released in 1989. SimCity was originally released for the computer alone. But due to overwhelming requests, the game is finally developed and manufactured for many platforms such as game consoles and mobile phone. For nearly 20 years, SimCity has coined many series such as SimCity 2000, SimCity 3000, SimCity 4, SimCity Societies, SimCity Creator and many more, including SimCity Metropolis. SimCity from Maxis is also developing a series of other simulations like SimTower, SimAnt, SimHealth to the most popular to date, The Sims.

SimCity 3000

In this new SimCity game veterans do not have to be afraid I'm bored. Due to slightly change the way EA SimCity game of urban planning strategy of ever more complex to a more casual mode. In this new SimCity we can not be bothered anymore as the name suggests electrical wiring, plumbing and other urban structures. Focussed on the building.

For the laying of the building also does not seem so complicated. If the classic SimCity we should really take into account the location and formation of each type of building to create a community of people who self-sufficient, in SimCity Metropolis seems easier. Living places tempatin wrote up our buildings. But not that much easy really. There are other things that still need to be a concern.

In choosing what buildings will be built, we should look at what needs which if the most urgent. In view, there will be measurement parameters as used in the game The Sims. The elements that must be considered include the happiness of the population, pollution, congestion, safety and beauty of the city, the need for health and electricity as well as the availability of housing and jobs.

For the building itself, there are reportedly some 120 buildings (40 buildings for each district). The building does all sorts ranging from houses, apartments, hotels, parks, schools, bus stops, restaurants, dojo get to the office and building strange things. Each building will have a value that will increase or decrease the fulfillment of each element. For example building a movie theater to make people happy and definitely adds a beautiful city, but will add to congestion and lower levels of health. Anyway, every building has its own assessment to be related to the needs of the city as a whole.

The story itself quite interesting. Once there is a meteor that crashed into SimNation, the sims this country. Jatuhannya was created from the former three islands which after examination by experts it has the potential to become a metropolis. The end of each island is made of different districts. Three different districts of Sunny Glen is to be used as a residential area, which will be Concrete Grove business district and Rusty Plain to the industrial area.

In the initial stage, we are asked to develop the district's third one by one. For the first mission we are asked to collect a certain amount of population to live in the district and help to promote these. We are also asked to promote a specific infrastructure and building. If successful, you are welcome to choose one of two specific buildings.

Well, success in the early stages we will be asked to arrange for the needs of residents will be certain elements are met. If successful in this second stage, we only considered successful in developing a district and asked to arrange two other districts.

The third time the district was completed successfully, there will be an event where the district was expanding and we are asked to re-develop it. When trying this game, I've developed a three districts for the third time. Either there are how many more times, which we obviously will not finish this game so easily.

In terms of control, SimCity game that is definitely easier because EA has simplified its gameplay. Anyway, just select and place the building. The number keys 1 through 4 are used to display table and rate of progress.

In terms of graphics, SimCity Metropolis is also more vivid because the details are clearly displayed. The cars that passed, the animation building and various other details appear more already graced the visual side of good.

Overall, I would recommend this game for gamers who are looking for semi-casual game, that is not too easy but not too complicated. Graphics and background music are also not exactly ugly.

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Minimum CPU Type: Pentium
Minimum CPU Speed: 166 MHz
Minimum RAM Required: 32 MB
Minimum Hard Disk Space: 230 MB
Graphics Type: SVGA
Graphics Resolution: Multiple Resolutions
Color Depth: High Color

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