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Free Download Metal Slug PSX PC Full Version (35MB)

Metal Slug
Metal Slug is an adventure game with multiple missions you can accomplish. Is a light game that was very funny, fun, and exciting.

In the play, you'll be taken to a place that is the enemy, and you'll get into it to defeat all the enemies that come before you.

There are some characters that you can use as you whiz at playing this game. The characters have their respective characteristics with different abilities of each character's unique.

Metal Slug tells the story of a group of aliens who invade earth and intends to rule the earth. Even some soldiers who are on the earth has been affected by these aliens.

You are required to be able to defeat every enemy in each level to arrive at the last level to be able to defeat the king of the aliens so you can save the earth.
Metal Slug

In this war game you play as a soldier to go into enemy territory to save the Earth from alien hands.

There are some missions that you can accomplish the mission and each level has a level of difficulty each. If you can complete the first mission, you'll go to the next mission more difficult.
Metal slug

If you successfully complete the mission until the last level, you will meet the last enemy and will be very difficult to defeat the last enemy. In this game, you can use various weapons and bombs to help you defeat the enemies that come. In fact you could also use a tank or fighter to defeat the enemy.

You could say that the Metal Slug game quite fun because a lot of silly things in them. For example, if you're fighting against an enemy, you go through a place filled with food. Once out of the place, your body will become more obese because of overeating. Then you will also meet with the enemy soldiers who were sleeping at the time of war. Guaranteed you will not feel bored while playing this game Metal Slug.

One very interesting thing that you will not be difficult to play. In fact, if you lost the battle (to die), you only have to press the start button or enter to participate again in this game.

In addition, if you die, you do not need to bother to repeat from the beginning, because you will immediately start another game in the last place you'd die. So the same thing with your life is unlimited. This game can also be played by two people, so you can play it together with your friends.

Trailer Metal Slug-X

Requirements :

PSXFin Playstation PC Emulator

How to use :

1. Download File
2. Exctract File
3. there you will find  Metal Slug X.img File
4. Run PSXFin emulator choose cd img then open : Metal Slug X.img
5. Enjoy The Games
6. Say Thanks :)

To Download Metal Slug-X Click Below :

Copy Link and Paste To the new bar In Your Browser.

Enjoy The Games.


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