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Free Download One Piece Grand Battle PSX PC Games Full Version

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One Piece PC Games - One Piece  is an anime and manga about a group of pirates led by Monkey D. Luffy who went in search of legendary treasure called One Piece.

Luffy into a rubber human being who has the power elongate his body after accidentally eat the Gomu-Gomu fruit, one fruit of the devil. During the trip Luffy met many new friends and enemies are diverse.

On February 2005, One Piece set records in Japan as a manga publishing is the fastest reaching 100 million copies. Until now the One Piece is the best-selling manga in the history of Japan with sales of more than 260 million copies.

In addition to the One Piece manga also broke the record for the largest first printing. One Piece won praise among many readers, especially in terms of image, character, humor, and stories.

The main character in this series focused on Monkey D. Luffy and members of the Group of Straw Hat Pirates.

That contribute to the "bad guys" in this series range from the other pirates to members of the government (World governtment).

But that act as the enemy in outline is the Navy (Marine). For more details about the main character detail, see the explanation below the character.
one piece games

One Piece manga began to be marketed in the magazine Shonen Jump issue # 34 on August 4, 1997. The anime began to be produced by Toei Animation, Fuji TV on October 20, 1999. At first, Eiichiro Oda One Piece plan will run about 5 years, and he has set ending.

But he was too "enjoy" the plot, and now he does not know when One Piece will end. One Piece is the best-selling manga in the history of Shonen Jump. Manga is also a cause total sales of Shonen Jump up on the last 11 years.

Volume 25 holds the record sales of manga in Japan, with 2.63 million units sold in the first printing. And 46 volume reached more than 140 million units sold and is the fastest manga to reach total sales of 100 million.

Until now the One Piece manga broke the record for most in demand throughout history. The success of One Piece and even exceeds the combined number 2 Naruto, Kimi ni todoke No. 3, No. 4 Fairy Tail, no 5 Bleach, Bakuman No. 6, No. 7 Gintama, and no 8 Fullmetal Alchemist One Piece with total sales of more than 260 million copies.
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One Piece also broke the world record for the fastest selling in volume 63 sold 2,119,400 within 4 days (although the previous record also held by One Piece volume 60 and 61). Besides One Piece also broke the record of Japan as the largest first printing.

One Piece volume 63 holds the record for Japan with 3.9 million copies in first printing (although the previous record held by One Piece 60, 61, and 62) record before One Piece is Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix with 2.9 million copies.

Trailer One Piece Grand Battle 

Requirements :

How to use :

1. Download File
2. Exctract File
3. there you will find One_piece.bin File
4. Run PSXFin emulator choose cd img then open : One_piece.bin
5. Enjoy The Games
6. Say Thanks :)

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Enjoy The Games.


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