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God Of War 2
God Of War 2 - Kratos is a Spartan army captain whose career rose rapidly. Initially he only had 50 troops under his command, and the number grew into thousands of troops.

After becoming a general, he was a lot wins of war. At once he was much gain booty or treasure in the quest to become a force jederal Sparta.

With his experience in the war, Kratos becomes a brutal man and thirst for battle. Only the courage to ask her motives and goals, but he replied that it was all for the glory of the Spartans.

Then his wife deny Kratos, and he said that Kratos Kratos doing it for the sake of ambition alone in his penchant for war.

At one time, the Spartan army at war with the barbarians of the East known for their ferocity and savagery. Sparta lost to the number of troops and troop strength, it is the bitterest defeat Kratos experienced during the war.
God Of War

At the time of urgency will be killed by the leader of the barbarians, screaming for help Kratos the god of war Ares. Kratos promised to be the servants of Ares if he is given aid to defeat the enemy in battle.

Ares granted Kratos and Ares gave a pair of arms Blades of Chaos. With such assistance, Kratos slashes his head dropped Barbarian squad leader using the Blades of Chaos.

Kratos served Ares loyally, he terrorized every region and create chaos in the name of the god of war Ares.

Unbeknownst to Kratos, Ares set him to slaughter his own family in a temple located in the village whose inhabitants were followers of Athena.

At the time realized that he had slaughtered his wife and beloved daughter, once he cursed cunning Ares, and stated that he ceases to be a servant of the god of war.

Kratos left the temple devotees creep family Athena is also where he massacred family accidentally. In front of the fire temple, Kratos convicted of the brutal.
God Of War games

Her whole body covered with burning ash family, and make Kratos skin as pale white moon. That's when he was known as the Ghost of Sparta (Sparta Ghosts).

After the incident the family massacre committed by him, Kratos was haunted by memories and nightmares. It keeps the soul and mind, and depressed mental state of chaos.

He left Sparta, and adventuring across Greece in search of a place in the Aegean sea to appease the condition of the soul, the mind, and he thought the pressure of the sins he had committed.

In order to obtain peace with the abolition of memories and nightmares, he was willing to be a follower and servant deities Olympians than Ares.

For humans, Kratos is described as a symbol of cruelty and selfishness. He was shunned and hated by every human being, even a man more willing to die rather than helped by Kratos.

Ghost of Sparta is a call for Kratos every time he seen by everyone. Since the death of his wife and daughter for 10 years Kratos has become a follower and messenger deities Olympians.

God of war free download

However, he held a grudge that burns for Ares. At the end of the story of the first God of War Ares at his death at the hands of Kratos, Ares said that he did so to make Kratos as a fighter of the strongest and greatest in the world.

Titan in Greek mythology, is the ruler of the gods of the earth before the Olympians. Their leader called Kronos which will be overthrown by Zeus. All Titan which amounted to 12 is the son of Uranus the sky god and the earth goddess Gaia.

Titan had a big war with the gods of Olympus called Titanomakhia. The majority of Titan will be involved with this war. Titan in this war and defeat all who fought with Kronos thrown into Tartaros.

Titan first generation consisted of 6 men (Okeanos, Hiperion, koios, Kronos, Krios and Iapetos) and six women (Mnemosine, Tethis, Theia, Foibe, Rhea and Themis).

While Titan second generation consists of the children first generation Titan, the children Hiperion (Eos, Helios, and Selene); children koios (Leto and Asteria); children Iapetos (Atlas, Prometheus, Epimetheus, and Menoitios ), and children Krios (Astraios, Pallas, and Perses).

In a myth told by Kallimakhos and Nonnos, Zeus intended to make Zagreus (Dionysus) as his successor. But Hera was angry because Zagreus Zeus was born of an affair.

Hera sent the Titans to kill him. The Titan paint their faces with gypsum to make Zagreus interested in them.

Then the Titans tearing up and eating the body Zagreus. Zeus was angry and killed the Titans. While the heart of Zagreus was saved by Athena and then made it back to Zagreus.

The fighting that occurred during the 10 years between the Titans against the gods of Olympus long before human existence.

The Titans struggled from Mount Olympus and the gods Othrys, fighting from Mount Olympus. This war happened because Zeus and his brothers fought against Kronos, father of those who have swallowed them.

Titan women choose not engaged in war, Okeanos chose to remain neutral, while Prometheus, Epimetheus, and Stiks and their children in favor of Zeus. But Zeus still need help in the fight against the Titans.

Therefore, after given advice by Gaia, Zeus freed the Kiklops Hekatonkhire and confined to Tartaros.
Involvement of the giants proved to play a lot in the war.

The Kiklops make great weapons for Zeus and his brothers and sisters, while three Hekatonkhire able to throw 300 large rock on the Titans in a single throw.

Having lasted for ten years, the Zeus eventually win. Zeus then locked the Titans against him in Tartaros. While Atlas to bear the heavens on his shoulders.

The ancient Greeks made several poems about the war. The most dominant and the only one that still exists is Theogonia Hesiodos work.

A poem is lost, Titanomakhia, made by the blind poet of Thrace named Thamyris. The Titan also instrumental in the poetry of Orfeus.

And although only small pieces of the narrative Orfeus remaining, the manuscript shows the difference with Hesiodos.

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