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Diablo 2 is one of the Action-RPG genre games work from blizzard which is phenomenal, in his time became one of the most popular RPG games are like Final Fantasy VIII or Suikoden II that uses the system's turn to fight, Diablo II comes with a battle system more is action.

Just like a regular adventure game that infiltrated a strong RPG elements. Items, equipment, levels, skills, and various quests that make you can not turn away from it.

Who does not know the name of the Blizzard in the gaming industry today? Developer famous through its ability to record sales of nearly all games released is indeed phenomenal. How could I not? When publishers and other developers trying desperately to make a profit through the quantity of the game is presented, Blizzard only provide a few titles alone. However, the title of which was offset slightly by the quality and outstanding marketing strategy a success. How many gamers who have never played a game like Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo? Rarely.

PC gamers of the present generation may know Blizzard for the first time through their phenomenal RTS game, Warcraft III and Starcraft II, which is still in demand. However, for us who had tasted the PC about 10 years ago, one of the game is quite an impression on the heart is the Diablo series. Game Action-RPG this could be the trendsetters and icons as well as the rise of this genre in the gaming industry. Through Diablo too, then the world began to recognize the concept of western RPGs are much different than those offered by the Japanese.

The story offered by Diablo II is actually a continuation of the first series. In the first series, the knight who was not named to beat Diablo and ensure breathing world again. However, in the struggle, the knight also put a bit of the essence of Diablo into his own body, to gain a much larger force. However, it is precisely the elements of Diablo slowly poison the body and take over the Knights, making further threats.

We act as an adventurer who stopped at the Rogue Encampment. Thanks to the story of Deckard Cain, the main character begins to understand threats that are in plain sight. Therefore, he decided to investigate the Diablo threat rebirth and plan to stop it. The long journey we began.

The ability of this game to bring the experience of playing the most likely will never be obsolete and still feels relevant today. I started to feel Blizzard does have the capacity to deliver a masterpiece that somehow still fun to play after 11 years of its release.

Graphics quality and resolution may be a problem for current technology, but not a significant barrier nature game.

Admittedly, this game is still worth your play today. Especially for PC gamers who have never known this before the game. Feel free to share your experience if you are a marvel Diablo II was in its heyday before.

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Diablo II Games

Single-Player System Requirements :

Windows® 2000, XP, or Vista*
Pentium® 233 or equivalent
650 MB available hard drive space
4X CD-ROM drive
DirectX™ compatible video card that supports 640 x 480 resolution (800 x 600 for the expansion)

Multiplayer System Requirements and Options :

Open game Creators and TCP/IP game Hosts: 128MB RAM recommended (256MB RAM in games with over 4 players)
950 MB available hard drive space
28.8 Kbps or faster modem
Up to 8 Players over TCP/IP Network or® (Requires low-latency Internet connection with support for 32-bit applications)

Password :

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