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Free Download Slender PC Games Full Version

Free Download Slender Full Version PC Games - There are so many games that carries the word "horror" in it, even make it as a primary advertising medium to attract the attention of gamers. But ultimately? Far more games that ultimately falls on the need to provide the main content more distinctively action to attract more gamers than stick with this principle.

As a result, the game actually manages to look intimidating can be counted on the fingers in the gaming industry. Of all brands available, only a few are able to fulfill his promise. One that will imprint in your brain? None other than the Slender!

What is Slender? It's good we observe more about the background of this one game before discussing it further. Slender is made Parsec Productions indie game released for the PC. The story itself is based on the urban myth of a creature named Slenderman made popular by one of the supernatural forum in cyberspace.

Design Slenderman did not exactly scary. He visualized as a tall man with a faceless super neat clothes, and shape are subject to change hands sometimes resemble tentacles. As a cold-blooded killer that you normally find in the movies Hollywood thriller, Slenderman is not active. He just walked slowly approaching you. Slowly but surely.

Horror stories and myths that emerged from Slenderman lunge that seems to inspire Parsec to release a separate game that make it as the main focus. Slenderman itself is known as a bad omen, bad amulet that will make anyone who sees vanished.

The main concept is what makes Slenderman so scary figure. If the story about him is enough to make your skin crawl fur kudu, imagine how you feel if this figure came up to suit your life? Visualization is offered by Parsec and it must be admitted, had he presented. The result? We ourselves boldly stated that Slender would be the scariest game that you can find today!

Creepy atmosphere is the Awakened Through Simplicity! What makes Slender so creepy? Why he can effectively make your skin crawl chilling so easily in just a matter of mere minutes? One key: Simplicity. Nothing complex at all in this Slender.

You are only required to collect eight pieces of paper "warning" with characteristic Slenderman in it in an area with no lighting at all. You'll meet some of the major landmarks that can be used as a reference clue, but the position of the paper itself appears in a random sequence. The worst part? You will only be equipped with a flashlight with batteries is limited for this one to complete the mission.

Slenderman who will be your main enemy here still visualized as the myth that surrounds him over the years. He will appear in human stature faceless suits neat. He will appear at random, with no clear pattern for you down the dark forest is one for sure, along with the amount of paper you get, the higher the frequency you will see him.

As the concept has ever offered by its predecessor games like Amnesia, tiidak there are ways to fight back this one creature. Absolutely, you can just run, run, run and run away every time you see it. To help gamers, Parsec inject itself has a pretty clear indicator for a little adrenaline pumping and make your senses alert instantly.

You will see and hear the noise a certain sound effect if Slenderman is within a fairly alarming. One thing to watch out for as well, you will also be killed, not only because it is in a short distance, but also because it saw more than 5 seconds. Therefore, avoid all contacts, in any form. The best advice: Run like hell!

Back to the original question, what really makes this one game so creepy? The answer is simple: Simplicity. Atmospheric awoke to perfect as the setting and gameplay shown explicitly, making it closer to a scenario that could happen real world.

This is just about 8 sheets of paper, a flashlight, super-dark woods, and a man in a suit is complete without a face are not reluctant to show himself in front of you. One of the greatest strengths also come from the absence of the ability to fight back and the unavailability of options to do other things besides run and finish the mission as soon as possible.

The ultimate point? The silence and stillness that is built to perfection, and other sound effects that will make your heart stop beating for a split second. It may be regarded, Parsec succeeded in gathering all the elements required a horror game effectively and appropriately. Quiet, dark, shocking sound effects that, there is no option to fight back, and a mythical creature that will continue to follow you wherever you go. The perfect blend!

How to Maximize the Experience?

Some of you may have already tried this Slender and assume that all the impression that emerges from the above review is just nonsense and see it as an exaggeration. Or perhaps you are starting to see a reviewer Jagat Play as a timid gamer? For this last matter, we simply can not deny it, but let us reassure you that Slender is not a regular horror game.

Perfection elements mixed by Persac did it as a monument to the fear of the new, at least enough to make you scream and stimulate you to continue chilling sensitive and active. You do not feel the experience when playing it? Then definitely, there is something wrong with the way you play the Slender!

There are some things that it is appropriate to prepare before you are able to experience it to the fullest Slender. After going through the process below, you just have a "right" to determine whether this Slender worthy of the title as the most scary game today, at least according to the experience that we feel. If you've done all the things below and not at all afraid, or even surprised though, then you deserve the title as a gamer brave. So, what need to be done?


The decision to give the title as the most scary game today to Slender is not an exaggeration. Amid dried horror themed games are able to create an atmosphere of creepy and suspenseful, Slender comes as an oasis for lovers of the genre gamers this one.

How could I not? In the midst of a tendency to change most horror games into action, Slender comes with a simple gameplay formula that touch all the main essence required by a horror game. The silence, the dark with minimal lighting, setting a mysterious sound effects are qualified, and Slenderman are "cute" enough to make you paranoid and anxious. Simplicity creates the right atmosphere.

So if this game comes with a shortage? Own existence may be regarded is a blunder for Parsec Productions yourself. Why? Because basically, Slender distributed freely through cyberspace this is a beta version of the same theme for a game that will be present in the future.

The problem is, the fear of gamers will be recognized, will be reduced in line with the frequency of their game. Not only that, all gamers will already have an idea what kind of threat they have expectations throughout the game.

This of course will be very influential if someday, Parsec decided to release the full version Slender and distribute commercially. The question is, how many gamers will be interested in playing a game that already feels so familiar? Limited beta access should be a capable solution.

If you are a gamer horror game lover, then there is no reason to miss this one game. Slender satiation would be appropriate if you have long longed for a horror game that can make you keep the adrenaline pumping, you are constantly chilling goose bumps, and trigger a sense of paranoia, even in the real world though. He offers simplicity and success build the right atmosphere so creepy it makes Slender. One is for sure, avoid this game if you are easily scared or have heart disease.

Controls (default):

* Mouse -- Look around
* W,A,S and D -- Move
* Left Shift -- Jog/Sprint
* Left Mouse Click -- Pick up pages
* F or Right Mouse Click -- Flashlight
* Q and E -- Zoom in/out.

System requirements:

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor: 1.5Ghz - Low budget CPUs such as Celeron or Duron needs to be at about twice the CPU speed.
Memory: 1024MB
Hard disk space 2 GB
Video Card: Radeon 9600/GeForceFX - Integrated graphics and very low budget cards might not work.

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