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Virtua Cop 2 PC Games Free Download

Virtua Cop 2 PC Games Free Download - is an arcade game released in 1995 and developed by Sega, the AM2 studio. He ported home systems on the Sega Saturn in 1996. After its launch on the PC in 1997, and the Sega Dreamcast in 2000. He then combined with Virtua Cop in Virtua Cop: Elite Edition for PlayStation 2 in 2002.

Game Virtual Cop 2 a game that tells a police mission to eradicate the robbers and free the hostages in the bank, ship, and that is in train.

A detective in the department of player finds an illegal gun running operation and can trace it back to a powerful crime syndicate named EVL Inc. He accumulated a large amount of evidence and are ready to take them down, but he was found and killed.

Some evidence that managed to make my way back to the central office and the task force is placed on the case. The police officer Michael James Hardy and Cools had to face that organizations led by Joe Fang and his Kong, King, and boss.

Players assume the role of police officers in the first-person perspective and use a light gun to shoot criminals and advance through the game, the penalty for shooting civilians.

The player can also shoot powerups that give him a gun or weapon of lives lost if the player is exposed, but not if he shot a civilian.

Virtua Cop is famous for its use polygonal graphics, which is then used in both the House of the Dead and Time Crisis, not a two-dimensional sprite popular for the previous games in the same genre. It is also notable for being one of the first game that allows players to shoot through the glass. Its name is derived from the graphical style, previously used in Virtua Fighter, Virtua Racing and Virtua Striker.

0) Starting Game

When you start the game, you can use the "shoot" or the "start" button. To see what keys are assigned to "start" button, see Device Settings [F7], select the device being used and press next. To activate the menu bar, press the ALT key.

1) Refresh

Repeat procedure described in the previous game as some hints
requires a double-click on the Reload button. However, in the final version
game, reload only takes one click.

2) 3-Button Mouse

For a 3-button mouse users, as a function of the middle mouse button Game Start
button, and the Pause / Resume button while playing.

3) "Cheat" Penalty Option

The penalty for using a hidden option that appears in the game settings menu after certain conditions have been met initially score zero. Has turned into not being able to enter the name of the entry name.

4) The Menu Bar

In the final version of the game, the following changes and additions have been made to the Menu Bar:

• If only one type of device can be selected (such as DirectDraw only), Graphics
menu item will not appear.

• In the Display Settings, the [Full Screen] setting has been removed. To switch
between full screen and window mode, press [Alt + Enter].

When using Direct 3D, additiuonal following items will appear on the screen
Settings menu:

Right Perspective To set the graphic clarity and distortion of distance
Bi-Linear Filtering to enhance image quality
Alpha Blending to make semi-transparent texture

• [Config Key] has been removed from the Settings menu. Key Config window automatically appears after the Device Settings window.

• [Frame Skip] has been added to the Settings menu. When this option is turned OFF, the game will feature smoother graphics, but the performance may be slow on some machines. When switched ON, improved speed of the game, but the graph may appear choppy.

• [Shading] has been added to the Settings menu. When Shading is turned ON, the character appears on the screen with the shadows, adding an element of depth to the game screen.

5) Hot Keys

The following corrections have been made to the summer menu:
Hot keys for rating in the menu Game [D].
Hot key for Display Settings in the Settings menu [D].
Hot keys to Device Settings in the Settings menu [I].

6) Multiplayer mode

You can use the [Restart; Alt + F2] during multiplayer mode.

Virtua Cop 2 Trailer

Minimum System Requirements :

Operating System: Windows 95 or 98 or XP
CPU: Intel Pentium 133 MHz Processor
Hard Disk: 40MB Hard Disk Space
RAM: 32MB Memory
Graphics: 640x480 High color (16-bit) Display Resolution

Free Download Virtua Cop 2 PC Games Full Version 

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