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Farm Frenzy 3 PC Games Free Download

Farm Frenzy 3 PC Games Free Download Full Version , Ripgamescenter - Farm Frenzy 3 is a game continued from the previous version, the Farm Frenzy Farm Frenzy 1 and 2. Game version 3 production Alawar Games has 95 levels with 5 exciting places and wonderful. Game like to invite us to feel how troublesome breed animals and process their fields.


Every place (or state) has its own characteristics for this type of animal. at every level we will get the number of animals and different types. Even at some level we have to buy your own at the beginning of the game.

Exciting is not it? Although each place different types of animals, but the selling price and the purchase price is usually the same place they all hung their products.

Producing animal eggs (birds, ducks, little penguins, turkeys chickens)

Yarn-producing animals (ostriches, Yaks, gold penguins, sheep, lliamas)

Producing animal milk (cow, ox, walrus, cow, goat)

Guard Dog = Animal and attacker

Cat = animal gatherers

Building / Place

At every level, we have to process the results of our farms to get a more expensive so it can increase our money. Now, therefore, we have to buy and upgrade some buildings that can maximize performance.

Examples are eg the manufacture of flour. If we are at a lower level, perhaps for once we process only takes one egg and produce a epung, may have no effect. But if we have a lot of targets and less time, then we have to upgrade it to the limit. Usually limit the final level of a building is level 5.

Every place has a requirement of different buildings with different levels. Sometimes we also have to purchase a building before entering a level. So the building is quite important in this game Farm Frenzy 3.

Some of the existing buildings in Farm Frenzy

1. Well

The survival of animals depend on us to manage these well. Why? Because the well is to ensure the availability of food for the animals at that level.

If the well contained, it can be safely kelansungan animal life. We can just click it in the vacant lot. However, if the well is empty, then we have to fill it. If you find that eating well is empty and the material runs out, then the animals would cry of hunger. Well that is definitely, if the wells not being met then the mass death can occur. Enough harm right? So do not get your soil well or empty.

2. Factory

All products from these animals if we can in the factories that we have. There is a process the eggs to a cake, there is a process thread into a dress, and so on.

We must be clever in managing the factories to operate either circuitry. It's on some level, we have to replace the building. Well here we have to consider the needs of the time there and the money we have.

3. Dressing room

Here we can give our clothes to the production we have some catching prey. Well, it is quite beneficial because it can add value to these predators significantly.

4. Warehouse

All products produced, processed, materials, and also predators placed in storage. It requires good management because if the barn that housed fullness, then there will be resources wasted simply because they can not get into the warehouse. We can also sell some warehouse stock to be able to add gold you have.

5. Truck

The vehicles drove functioning warehouse stock to the market and brought home gold from the sale.

6. Helicopter

Vehicles that serves take orders purchased materials user to process multiple products.

7. Confinement

Serves to catch predators who came to pick up the animal and the result of a plant in our fields.

Screenshot Farm Frenzy 3


Each animal and the building will produce an output. Well here we are challenged to manage the results so that resources are not wasted. That is, each production has a waiting time (approximately 10 seconds). If during the waiting time the product was not taken (clicked), then the product will be lost.

Animal Predators

In addition to time, we also will face the invasion of predators who would come periodically. Predators will take some of the animals and products in its path. Type predators also follow the play place.

There are several kinds of predators lion (place 1), bear (place 2), polar bears (place 3), bears the desert (Place 4), jaguar (place 5).


Each level must have a goal each. If we had passed the target, so we thought to win and get points level. Then we can move on to the next level or repeat if points less.

But, we will be rewarded if you can finish the game before the time at least. At least at each level there are two, namely gold and silver. When gold is the minimum time the fastest.

If we are able to finish before the gold, we will get the gold and extra points (points gold). But if it fails, we will still be likely to get silver and silver points if completed before the silver. If not well, then we just get a plain blue and points level.


We'll get the award after successful missions requested by any awards. In Farm Frenzy 3, there are 16 awards given by the developer for the players.

System Requirements

Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor 1 Ghz or better
256 Mb RAM
16 Mb of video memory
DirectX 8.0

Password : ripgamescenter

How To Use :

1. Download Farm Frenzy 3
2. Install game Farm Frenzy 3
3. Download Crack Farm Frenzy 3
4. Put in C:\Program Files\Alawar\FarmFrenzy3\
5. Enjoy

Trailer Farm Frenzy 3

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