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Fruit Ninja PC Games Free Download

Fruit Ninja PC Games Free Download, ripgamescenter - Fruit Ninja game commonly played on Android using the touchscreen, this time can be played on a PC. Using Mouse to play. How to play together, but the only difference is how to move it. We were told Splitting Fruit much - much and do not hit the bomb there.

Fruit Ninja "game is a stimulus fun, simple operation in Philadelphia. You need to use your fingers to wipe the screen, like a ninja warrior who cut fruit, but be careful not to touch a hybrid of the bomb, once detonated.

Your adventure will be over soon! break goal achievement, challenging the world's highest high. and knowledge learned from the master attractive fruit Fruit ninja, "will be the game's most generous, the freshest and the most difficult to clean up in history.

You a fan of Fruit Ninja? Surely you are familiar with Arcade Mode on the game-ngiris slicing fruit. Arcade Mode as Classical Mode, where there are 'Bomb Explosion' in it. But the bomb was going to take 10 points from your score and destroy all fruit that is in the air. Zen Arcade mode as well as a built-in timer mode. You only have 1 minute to slice all the fruit in Fruit Ninja game modes.

This time Ripgamescenter have any tips for generating high points plus tricks to get the combo in the game Fruit Ninja.


You've only got a minute, so you can not waste your time by hitting the bomb. You can skip the bomb but still could slice the fruit, you have to do is to plan when to slice without hitting a bomb. Usually bombs will not fly as high as fruit, so when the fruit has reached its highest point, as long as it is not covered by the bomb, sliced ​​immediately before flying back down.


Bonus Bananas are the key to getting a high score in the game, bananas flying from the sky and you have to slice them just like other fruits, but do it fast, because the bananas will be very difficult to reach if they get deep down. If you manage to slice a banana, you can get a favorable score of Fruit Ninja.

There are 3 types of bananas Freeze, Frenzy and Double-points.

Advantages Banana Frenzy - Aside from the bottom, fruits will also appear from the left and right of the screen, providing an amazing combo! Frenzy can give you some score without much consideration and just slicing. But if you play the Frenzy to your hand, you can set yourself up to have more than 200 scores in the frenzy. One thing to remember is that while Frenzy is active, then the bomb will not appear! Yay!

"So what do you do now?" Yes simple, you just wait! You have to wait until the fruit appears central collection, then when you see them all there, slice them all and you'll get a juicy combo. Remember - the combo is always a factor of two score, so the combo of nine will make you grow as much as 18 points!

If you get a Double-Points bananas with bananas Frenzy you can get higher scores. If you get a Banana with Banana Freeze Frenzy In this game, you can profit by letting them fly into the middle then you can cut them all and get 400 goals in a Frenzy only!

Advantages Banana Freeze - Freeze is the best thing about the cessation of time. Once you slice Freeze, flying fruit will slow down, so you can simply wait for the point where it allows for combos. The bomb was to be very slow when in Freeze. Within 10 seconds you can generate a lot of combo!

Advantages Banana Double-Points - The best thing about the Double-Points are your score will grow faster. Because of course every time you managed to slice the fruit, you'll get points 2x bigger.

Note the time

"Is it possible to slice all the fruit that come from?" The question that also comes to mind Paseban. But do not think like that! You should always stay positive and when the bomb away from fruit slice all the fruit until there's nothing left. Try to slice all the fruit while they are in the air. No need to rush, but still note the time! You've only got a minute, so do not hesitate to slice any fruit in the game Fruit Ninja.

Little finger

Using your thumb or big fingers will increase your chances of hitting a bomb, so try using a smaller fingers, like your finger or, if you can, use your little finger! Interesting is not it? Good luck.

Minimum System Requirements:

OS Windows XP SP2
Graphic OpenGL 1.3 compatible

Password : ripgamescenter

Fruit Ninja PC Games Trailer

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