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Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V , - GTA 5 Pre Launch and trailer , As one of the world's best game developers, Rockstar has always managed to make his fans intrigued by the presence of Grand Theft Auto games which have reached this fifth series.

In this game we will be invited to re-visit the city of Los Santos, one of the cities you've visited in the game Grand Theft Auto San Andreas with Carl Johnson.

In the game Grand Theft Auto V this time we will explore the city of Los Santos are seen from three different angles. This means that we will control the three main characters in the game Grand Theft Auto V in turn.

Character 3 champ was previously rumored will be the main character in GTA V, one of Tommy Vercetti present in GTA III and Vice City. But now it is indisputable.

Rockstar is going to present three new hero is a character in the GTA series, they are:

Michael, a former bank robber in the era of the 1940s, who retired because it was a deal with the FBI. He has two teenage children and a wife who no longer loves.

Treevor, a war veteran and former pilot experienced. His life was chaotic because kencanduan drugs.

Franklin. There's not much that can be described by this character, Franklin was only mentioned as a young ambitious 20-year-old.

The three characters that will be playable in GTA V. Each character had a mission, skills and different personalities.

GTA V has a vast world, and it seems so. Therefore, the fifth location is much more spacious than the combined world in GTA San Andres, GTA V and Red Dead Redemption.

Locations throughout the game can vary, there are in the mountains, urban areas, to dive into the sea.

GTA V Screenshot 

In GTA V vehicles that could be used (or stolen) is increasingly diverse. There is a mountain of BMX bikes, motorcycles and the various types of cars, trucks, jet skis, ATVs, helicopters, fighter planes, speed boats, and more.

Some vehicles here already has an official name, such as BMX, while others are still using fictitious vehicle brand.

Some upscale cars in GTA now has more functions, has been used to make phone calls, but there are cars that can be used for browsing. Gee, could also find a walkthrough if so.

Approximately what was in previous GTA will be maintained here, it's just that there are small changes that the storyline was interesting.

In GTA V any character can be 'upgraded' as desired. Want a stocky body, or thin, can all be done easily. Similar to what is in San Andreas, Rockstar removes only slight RPG elements in it.

Action stealing vehicles is more found here, of course, with a variety of movements like the previous series. Break the glass, pull forced the driver, or pointing a gun, all can be done. But beware, cops around is always ready for action.

Mission masks will be more often found here, some of which are interrelated and need to be resolved one by one. For that character in GTA V equipped with the skills richer.

Not only can fight, swim and use a variety of weapons, players can also climb up and down from the building by using a rappel. But it is not known whether this skill is owned by a third character or just one of them.

Rockstar also promised there are some missions that require players to use the plane, so we can be sure Grand Theft Auto V will offer something more attractive than ever.

The involvement of three different characters makes the Grand Theft Auto V more colorful. Various action romp and rescue efforts by son Michael scenes also will experience dangerous.

Trevor brutal action that resolves everything with violence, such as blowing up someone's home with Molotov cocktails make it look as a character who always finish each job by any means. While Franklin looks a lot more to deal with the mission of auto theft and bank robbery.

The addition of skill also done in GTA V because the players will be more running could be themed theft or bank robbery. So action chases with the police will certainly not inevitable.

GTA 5 Official Trailer

In addition to adding style game, GTA V is also a feature that will be removed, the swashbuckler romance with a beautiful woman in it.

The players in the GTA V is now no longer making love with a lady in it, although that is not yet known whether the number of sex scenes in this game will be eliminated as well or not.

The entire leak will likely make more gamers eager to taste the GTA V. But unfortunately, the game will be released in spring 2013. (Ripgamescenter) Thanks :)


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