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Download Subway Surfer APK Android Games

Download Subway Surfer APK Android Games - Subway Surfers is a game of escape from police and dog as vandalizing public property with graffiti on train cars. This game not only avoid the catch of the police but also must avoid train collisions. The essence of the game is to collect as many coins as fleeing police and railroad cars, in addition to collecting coins there are also some blue key that can be taken. Blue key function is to continue the game when it was hit by an object.

The game is carried by Kiloo Games and SYBO Games. Already, there are 26.5 million active players Subway Surfers in the world and 130 million users who have downloaded this game, and predicted as many as 250 million that will be downloaded in 2013.

Subway Surfers related to the development of today's technology in which the visual effect of this is a modern 3D game. The game is only available for devices that have Android operating system (at least Android version 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) with upload in Google Play and iOS as the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad with evocative in iTunes.

Download Subway Surfer APK

Enjoy the games , Thank You :)

Download 2 Fast Driver PC Games

Download 2 Fast Driver PC Games - 2 Fast Driver is a street racing game to race at night that happens in big cities , such as Chinatown or buildings in the Chinese people . Winter white with a view of the cold does not make you stop the vehicle . For you who are hungry for racing game will give you a chance to prove that you are a reliable driver .

With a very good car Upgradeble certainly very interesting for gamers who like racing games and this game has convenient controls complemented by sophisticated physical that will make you feel was in a real track .

Without prejudice to the quality and comfort of the game , as well as the development and consummation , 2 Fast Driver is expected to bring full satisfaction to you . Also equipped with a highly - 7 music is exceedingly that will make you more spirit to win the game in this game , let the game donwload game and prove you can be the best .

Minimum System Requirement

Windows Xp/7/8
256Mb Ram

Thank you :)

Free Download Warlike Flyboys Jet Fighter PC Games

Free Download Warlike Flyboys Jet Fighter PC Games - One day in the green and lush countryside, the roar of the air source. Initially peaceful atmosphere became frenzied with the arrival of some fighter jets that pass. Not to show off in order to celebrate the big day, but the air war really horrendous. Conditions did not improve even when partially burned pla ne.

That game a little description of Warlike Flyboys. You will sit in the cabin of the aircraft, in full control. Any enemy fighter jets came and went with speed as the wind. If your eyes are not careful, you will not be able to see it. They are like mosquitoes flying swiftly.

But fear not, no matter how fast they are, more sophisticated than their plane. Hujani jet enemy with a machine gun to fire and put out the fire to fall off. The key objectives to facilitate the shooting. Enjoy the thrill of the chase plane.

System Requirement 

Windows Xp/7/8
256Mb Ram

Thank you :)

Free Download Mahjong PC Games Full Version

Free Download Mahjong PC Games Full Version , ripgamescenter.com - Mahjong is a game for four people from China . It is a game that demands skill , strategy , intelligence , calculation and luck . Depending on the variation of the game , the luck factor can be small or dominant . In Asia , mahjong is popular gambling games or computer games .

The objective of the game is to build a complete series ( usually three sets ) of 13 or 16 stone . The first person to achieve this goal is the winner . Stone completes his series wins to 14 or 17 stone .

One of the myths about the origin of Mahjong say that Confucianism,  the Chinese philosopher , developed the game around the year 500 BC . according to this myth , this game appeared simultaneously in various Chinese provinces coincides with Confucius trip when he spread the new teachings . But there is no evidence to support this claim . Third stone dragon ( main ) also correspond to the three main virtues bequeathed by Confucius . Zhong ( MJd1.png , middle ) are colored red , Fa ( MJd2.png , prosperity ) green , Bai ( MJd3.png , white ) White means generosity , sincerity , and loyalty to the family , also in this myth . In fact , the "middle " here presumably a reference to中国( Zhongguo ) - or China , its official name in Chinese language .

This myth also claims that Confucius would like the birds . It seems meaning of the name " Mahjong " ( sparrow ) . Confucianism originated from South China , and the " Mahjong " is derived from the name of the language greeting Yueyu ( Cantonese ) westernized for this game ( South China dialect pronunciation is closer to the true classics of Chinese speech ( so , more conservative ) . However , not there is evidence that existing mahjong before the Taiping era so it seems unlikely that Confucius is the creator of this game .

Another theory suggests that the game was developed from a game of cards and dominoes preexisting China around 1850 . Some historians believe that the game is based on a Chinese card game called Mádiào (马 吊) ( also known as Ma Tiae , meaning , Horse hanging , or Yezi (叶子) , leaves ) in the early Ming Dynasty. the game uses 40 sheets of cards similar to the cards used in the game Ya Pei . All 40 of these cards , which are numbered 1-9 in 4 wide along with four extra flower cards , very similar to the numbering of mahjong stones now . Up to now there is still debate about who created this game . One theory is that Chinese army officers who served during the Tai Ping Rebellion created the game to pass the time . Another theory says that a nobleman living in the Shanghai area created the game between 1870 and 1875. Alleged that around 1850, the two brothers created the city of Ningpo Mahjong game Mádiào who have been there before .

Traditional Chinese game was banned in his own country in 1949 , when the People's Republic of China was formed . The new communist government considers all forms of gambling activity as a symbol of capitalist decay . After the Cultural Revolution , the game is turned on again , and once again become a recreational game Mahjong Chinese people .

System Requirement 

Windows Xp/7/8
256Mb Ram

Thank you :)

How to install The Sims 3 Games Tutorial

the sims 3 tutorial
The Sims 3 Tutorial, Ripgamescenter.com - Many people are confused how to install The Sims 3 and Stuff Expansion Pack , here we will discuss how to install the sims 3 complete.

Installation and Expansion Pack Stuff Pack before 1:21 version ( Generations ) List Expansion Pack Stuff Pack and the version under 1:21 :

World Adventures
High End Loft Stuff
Fast Lane Stuff
Late Night
Outdoor Living Stuff

How to Install :

1 . Install the base game ( The Sims 3 ) and not on crack !
2 . Install World Adventures / High End Loft Stuff / etc and not on crack !
3 . See EP / SP last you have.
4 . Crack EP / SP last , eg have World Adventures and Fast Lane Stuff , then the crack is in the Fast Lane Stuff .


Installing Expansion Pack and StuffPack after 1:21 version ( Generations )

List Expansion Pack Stuff Pack and the 1:21 version of the above :
GenerationsTown Life Stuff
Master Suite Stuff
Katy Perry's Sweet Treats
diesel Stuff
70s 80s 90s Stuff

the sims 3 expansion pack

How to Install :

1 . Install base game ( The Sims 3 ) and not on crack !
2 . Install Expansion Pack and Stuff Pack and do not crack !
3 . Rates base version of the game ( Program Files \ Electronic Arts \ The Sims 3 \ Game \ Bin - skuversion.txt )
4 . Crack crack with the same version .


Before replace crack , BACKUP file to be on crack !

Backup : make a spare , backup , or copy and paste files to other places .

If you have the EP / SP version of 1:21 to the top , then use the second way .

If you do not have the EP / SP version of 1:21 to the top but the base game already 1:21 to above , use carakedua .

If you do not want to use CRACK , there are alternatives , such as :


NRass NO CD ! mod

Mini Image - replacement crack , it took on the mount -

See video How to install The sims 3 pc Games :

Free Download Cave Story PC Games

Cave Story is a platformer game made ​​in Daisuke " Pixel " Amaya . This game is developed by Amaya in 5 years with all aspects in this game , ranging from programming , story , visuals , to the music though , handled by Amaya .

Although it has a side-scrolling platformer genre , this game does not have a linear level design like Mario or Megaman . This game actually has very broad level and are free to explore like a side-scrolling games like Castlevania . Cave Story also has a slight RPG elements to a variety of weapons available . In addition to the varied weapons , the weapons in this game also has a level that can go up or down depending on your performance in the fight against the enemy .

If you're happy with platformer games , which obviously you should not miss this one cool game . In addition to the freeware version , the game is also available as a port on PSP , NDS , Gameboy Advance , and the Xbox . There's also a PC version of Cave Story + titled who have an increased graphics and music remastered version . Cave Story + also gives the option of graphics and music original version if you are more interested in pixel art graphics and 8-bit music in this game .

Thank you :)
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